rotormota 07:34 14 Sep 2003

Spam from people who want me to convert the fuel my car runs on to clear all your credit car bills.

I have been getting loads recently & there is no return address to bounce them back & say bog off!

To delete them from Outlook means clicking on the item hence opening it. Is it true they know it has been opened & so keep sending junk?

Is there a way of deleting without opening?


  -pops- 07:42 14 Sep 2003

Try this click here

  MAJ 09:20 14 Sep 2003

If you turn off the Preview pane, View > Layout, untick "Show Preview Pane" that'll enable you to click on the email to delete it without opening it.

Turn off the Preview Pane in any case and use Mailwasher as -pops- has said. It will enable you to delete any spam before downloading it to your computer. If you are receiving a lot of spam, never "unsubscribe" from it using any of the links they provide. Doing that only confirms your email address is active and you'll be tortured with more spam.

  Jester2K II 09:33 14 Sep 2003

Also never Bounce messages for two reasons.

1) Most Spam has a fake return address so it'll go no-where. You just end up contributing to all the useless crap floating out there.

2) Some Spammer who do get bounced messages can work out which ones have come via the Mailwasher servers and therefore know you account is active.

Turn off the Preview Pane (its a security risk anyway as embedded viruses can launch using Preview Pane) and single click a message and delete it or double click to open.

  AragornUK 11:42 14 Sep 2003

Also, as in an earlier thread there is a program out there msgtag, available in 3 versions, from click here which is just like requesting a 'read' receipt from the email recipient, but can be set up to not allow them to know about it. If you just click the message in your email client and it goes from bold to normal text, i.e has been marked as read, then they get a notification that the mail has been read.

So rotormota, yes they CAN see if it has been read without you actually opening it. One way round this is to set the 'mark mail as read' setting to something like 10 seconds which should give you time to click it and delete it before it's marked as read. Or, as above, you can use Mailwasher to preview the messages on the server before downloadng to your machine. And just delete the ones you don't want.

  Forum Editor 11:57 14 Sep 2003

is a gift from the gods as far as the average computer user is concerned.

My spam mail now runs at around 300 messages a day, and without Mailwasher I think I would have hurled the computer through a window ages ago. The person who comes up with a way to stop spam will occupy a unique place in Internet history, and will deserve the gratitude of us all.

In the meantime, get Mailwasher and watch that throbbing vein in your temple gradually subside.

  AragornUK 12:41 14 Sep 2003

I'm not implying that the spammers necessarily use msgtag to notify them that you have read a piece of junk mail. But as it IS possible to do, then they would have found a way to do it themselves.

  spuds 13:19 14 Sep 2003

I think that you are having problems with SPAM. Aint we all.Try some of the suggestions above, as a first step.Check to see if your ISP as a filter system within their services. Tiscali have just introduced a Spam and Virus service for £4.99 per year, other ISP's may follow suit.But in general,I think that professional spammers are ahead of the game, at present.

  powerless 13:25 14 Sep 2003

Using the preview pane is ok, updated and an email scanning AV should protect you.

  Jester2K II 13:32 14 Sep 2003

However if you click on an e-mail from a Spammer and its got embedded graphics in it, it'll download the graphics and Spammer can tell (because each e-mail has a unique link identifier) which messages where opened and therefore which accounts are active.

  DieSse 13:51 14 Sep 2003

I use Spambunker from click here - it stops all spam dead - 100%.

Worth every cent.

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