spam - should I change my email address?

  mco 23:25 05 Oct 2007

Since 3am GMT today I've been spammed at a rate of about fifty an hour to an email address on one of my sites. They are the 'couldn't deliver message' sort - most of them having tried to deliver non-existent emails from non existent addresses from my site, if you get my drift. Is there nothing I can do to stop this, short of deleting this address and making a new one - most unfortunate as this is the official (and only) email for this particular site and I'd have to notify a fair number of establishments. I contacted Webmania my hosts and (surprisingly) they were not helpful, saying merely they are improving their spam filters over the next months. But I can't keep up with this attack; they are coming by the second.

  mco 06:49 06 Oct 2007

I'm ticking as resolved, purely because this morning when I checked, there had only been about ten in the last six hours,so the massive onslaught must have been a 24 hour thing, though I suppose it doesn't solve the initial problem.

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