Spam Problem?

  Saintmoly 13:47 28 Apr 2006

I keep receiving identical e-mails but from different sources and with different titles. For example i got over 20 the other day, all of them looked like thay had come from private individuals with names like 'Paul Stokes', 'Mary brown' or 'Lisa jennings', every e-mail had a different name and subject. The subjects were things like 'Astroturf' or 'Bad Hair', mainly nonsense.
When opened the e-mails all contained the same piece of information, advising me to invest in a particular company who are about to become very big.

Because these mails seem to be coming from so many different sources it is not being picked up by anti-spamming software.

How can I stop this? It is driving me mad as every time I check my messages my inbox is full of this rubbish.

  johnnyrocker 13:53 28 Apr 2006

you could try installing mailwasher from the downloads section, or using webmail based a/c (your isp has probably got this facility) and delete spam from there before it gets to your pc, never ever open mail you do not know the sender and even if you do know them be careful.


  rawprawn 14:20 28 Apr 2006

Very difficult if not impossible to stop spam which is comming from different names. I too have had exactly the same problem. I got myself a new email address and gave that out only to friends. I also loaded Mailwasher as johnnyrocker suggested, and just for the hell of it I bounce every one that comes, I am now down to about 2 a day. The ISP seemed helpless because I am unable to say which address the next one will come from.

  rawprawn 14:30 28 Apr 2006

click here Scroll down to Mailwasher v 2.0.28 for the free multiple address version

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