Spam not even addressed to me

  Halmer 19:31 15 Aug 2008

I've noticed that some of the spam landing in my inbox is not even addressed to me. Just had one [email protected]

Isn't there a way of rejecting it unless it's specifically addressed to you?

  Halmer 19:41 15 Aug 2008

Users often report getting spam messages that don't appear to be addressed to them. The To: line of the message will contain some other address, and the user wonders why the message was delivered to them at all.

The reason is that the To: line and the CC: lines in email are not actually used to route or deliver messages at all. Those are only informational lines that are part of the body of the message, and are called "message headers". And because they have no effect on message delivery, the content of those lines can be anything the sender wants them to be. Well-behaved email software always puts the actual recipients in the To: and CC: lines. But spammers don't follow the rules and don't use email software that follows the rules.

The actual recipient of a message is determined by what are called "envelope headers" which are set during the sending transaction between the sender and the email server. The sending software instructs the email server on who to send the message to during the sending transaction. The envelope headers also contain the IP number of the machine sending the message, and other information about the route the message took to reach you.

To see the actual address a message was sent to, you have to use the View All Headers feature in Web Mail. Most other email software also allows you to view these headers. Look for a header called X-ELNK-Loop. That is a special header inserted by the EarthLink mail server to always show the actual address the message was sent to by the sender. This will be the mailbox that the message gets delivered to, and since our server puts that header in there, it can't be faked.

So when a message shows up in your mailbox it is always addressed to you, but spammers will often hide this fact using bogus message headers.

  MAT ALAN 19:46 15 Aug 2008

click here

configure them with this...

  Halmer 20:04 15 Aug 2008

Tried that but it only does one account?

  MAT ALAN 20:25 15 Aug 2008

Not only does it allow you to preview multiple accounts...

click here

text taken from link, might be wrong tho...

  DieSse 22:50 15 Aug 2008

They may be addressed to you, via the BCC (blind copy) list.

BCC specifically allows a mail to be sent out without revealing the names of the copy recipients.

Yes - you can configure your email client (which is?) to delete mails that do not have your specific email address in the To line.

  Halmer 23:48 15 Aug 2008

It's Thunderbird.

  DieSse 00:52 16 Aug 2008

In TB - Tools - Message Filters - New and set up as you wish.

  beeuuem 02:27 16 Aug 2008

The last free version of Mailwasher to offer multiple accounts was version 2b28.

  Halmer 10:11 16 Aug 2008

Have set up rule that if not addressed to me then dumped into new Junk folder which I will keep an eye on for a bit.

  Halmer 11:55 16 Aug 2008

that if someone blind copies to me (can't ever remember this happening) then it will be moved to the Junk Box as the filter will check the main address.

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