SPAM - a new approach

  [DELETED] 07:17 30 Jul 2003

This just appeared on BBC's Web Site.

Most regular forum members are probably aware of such goings-on, but I thought it was worth posting the link

click here


  [DELETED] 07:33 30 Jul 2003

a very good idea for stopping most spam in its tracks. However, it needs the assistance of the ISP...

The thing is this - most spam is sent in such large numbers to recipients that any ISP would be able to see instantly say 50,000 emails from one sender. All they would have to do is to check on the content of just a few of these to see if it is legitimate or not and if not block it or return it. Just think, one sender getting 50,000 returned emails at once!! (That would keep his inbox busy for a little while :-))

One person could "scan" 30 potential spam emails an hour easily. That is approx 250 a day. If each "Spam" was of say 50,000 emails one person would single handedly be able to stop 12,500,000 spam emails reaching their intended targets each day, or 87,500,000 in a week.

Now, would that not speed up the internet a little?

  [DELETED] 09:07 30 Jul 2003

A very good idea for stopping most spam in its tracks without the assistance of the ISP...

click here

This challenge/reponse software intercepts ALL emails - and only lets through those you have pre-authorised (people in your address book, say), and those that confirm manually a request to authorise (generated automatically by the software).

Naturally spam cannot respond to such authorisation requests, so gets deleted from the holding box after a set (your choice) number of days.

Stops ALL spam to my protected accounts - still allows me to look at the incoming headers if I - wish - access to all settings - generates fake bounce messages if you wish.

If everybody used this tomorrow spam would stop - as they would get no takers, and so generate no business. A good step in the right direction.

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