Spam mail being sent from my account.

  newface 19:35 22 Sep 2015

I opened an email, I use Yahoo via Firefox, from what I considered to be a trusted source.

Next day I received a couple of people on my contacts list complaining that I had sent them spam emails. I checked my "sent box" but there was nothing in it.

Later I found a couple of Mailer-daemon failure messages for emails that I had not sent.

I immediately ran a full system scan via AVAST, which turned up nothing.

I have emailed as many people as possible telling them to ignore any email from me unless it contains certain words in the header.

What else can I do?

Any comments would be welcome.

  Govan1x 21:41 22 Sep 2015

Change your e-mail password and look in your contacts to make sure there are no unknown names in it.

  xania 13:17 24 Sep 2015

Avast is anti-virus and may not pick up other types of nasty. Download and run the free version of Malwarebytes from this url:

click here

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