Spencus 13:19 02 Feb 2003

There is a lot of adverts claiming that their software products will stop spam, but do they really work?.

It is regularly said that ISP providers should delete spam at their servers,but I don't like the idea of a third-party censoring my mail. What say you?

  Old PC man 13:33 02 Feb 2003

What say I is useuse Mailwasher or or a similar program that allows you to preview your mail on the server and delete or bounce or blacklist any that you don't want to receive. That way you are in control of your own content.

Keep your fingers crossed that the spammer will eventually cotton on to the fact that you don't like the content being offered and remove you from their list.

Good luck!! John /#)

  Keith 16:41 02 Feb 2003

It works! Keith

  Spencus 17:05 02 Feb 2003

As you know MacAfee works I will give it a try

Old PC man

Thanks for you your suggestion

  Cuddles 10:47 03 Feb 2003

Try spampal from click here its the best price of all FREE!!!!!!!!!

  stlucia 13:46 03 Feb 2003

My main gripe with spam is the time it takes (at my cost) to download through my dial-up connection.

But if I use a spam killer utility, don't I still spend as much time connected while I review the results the utility presents to me and instruct it to download the ones I want? Might as well let the automatic download run, and then delete spam off-line?

But I agree with Spencus; the ISP providers could and should do more to block it in the first place.

  Old PC man 14:18 03 Feb 2003

You will actually spend more time on line if you use a utility to remove the unwanted stuff.

If you are still using a pay-as-you-go ISP then there is a case for doing exactly what you do now unless, of course, the spam has large files or pictures included when the download time for this may actually be longer than the review and delete option.

It would be impractical for ISP's to attempt to block spam as the amount of traffic that goes through a mail server has to be seen to be believed. Like collecting 6000 specific blades of grass out of your lawn without making a single mistake, every day, without knowing which are the unwanted ones.

  stlucia 15:56 03 Feb 2003

Thanks Old PC Man, and sorry Spencus for hijacking your thread.

But I don't agree with the bit about it being impractical for ISPs to delete spam: Some of them do it very well, e.g. I don't get any spam on my Excite account or my employer's email system.

  Nick1 19:43 10 Feb 2003

On the advice from the list I have installed Spampal but I can't now get my emails to dowmload using Outlook 2000. Outlook throws up the error "The server could not be found" so I had a look on the Spampal troubleshooting page. It adised me to "change the incoming POP3 server setting in your mail program to "localhost"". I can't see where to do this.

Help please.


  Nick1 19:56 10 Feb 2003

Sorry all.

I have now sorted out my problem with Spampal. It was caused by an inability to omit the space in "localhost"


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