Spam, I give up!!!

  trevpearson 09:03 29 Aug 2004

I've read all the advice given here from you generous people. Many thanks indeed.
I've tried almost all of the SPAM blockers, some good, some so-so. Still SPAMMED to death.
So I bit the bullet and changed my e-mail address, no-one knows it yet. This morning (24 hours after new e-mail address, what do I find? 19 spam messages in my mail box!!! How do they do it? I give up.

  VoG II 09:10 29 Aug 2004

Have you tried Mailwasher click here

It won't stop them but you can delete them off the server without having to download them.

  cga 10:00 29 Aug 2004

I hate to say it but some email address providers and some email addresses are far more subject to this.

This is not (entirely) the fault of the email address provider as spammers generate guessed addresses to common domains.

My primary private email address is my own domain and I have yet to receive any spam there.

I also have a Hotmail account. Reported Hotmail is very bad for spam but I have to say that, even after 3 years, I only 1-2 spam a week. I think the thing that saves me is having a long email name containing non-alphanumeric symbols. Of course I am also careful not to open Spam and block the domain of any that arrives.

I did also have another email account with and this was terrible (just the way you describe) but I did have a very short simple email name that was easy to auto generate.

  end 12:40 29 Aug 2004

so, begs the question, is the "new" address "easily though of", and, if so, as the above say, make up one that is almsot "so ridiculous" that they perhaps would not think of it; I had a message from soemone that looked to all intents and purposes LIKE "spam" and very nearly chucked it; it actually was "genuine"...

suggest; change again to a "ridulous" address, and get Mailwasher.

dont "give up"... please dont:)

and, unfortunately for ME, my "primary" one is "easily quessable" but , not too much spam as am now on mailwaser, courtesy of a suggestion and intense encourgament from a forum member:)

  JYPX 12:49 29 Aug 2004

trevpearson - As I am sure you are aware, there is now a solution to this problem - even though it is rather drastic. SpamInspector (and others) can be set up to recieve e-mail only from those on your friends list - with ALL other e-mail deleted from the server - you will never see it and never be aware of it......

  Cuddles 17:23 29 Aug 2004

Try spamjab from click here it's free and simple to set up.

  Dorsai 17:33 29 Aug 2004

What is Spam?

I have heard lots about it. But untill i actually get some, I can't help.

If you tell me what you are doing that results in your getting it, i will tell you what i am doing (or not doing), that means i dont get any, ever, at all, not even once.

  cga 17:47 29 Aug 2004

Lucky you!!

You are right, of course, to a certain extent. You can behave in a way to invite SPAM or you take care to avoid it. However, even the most careful can get some if their e-mail falls foul of the auto generators.

I have colleagues at work who complain about SPAM all the time at work whereas I have had about 6 in the last year. We all have similar email addresses so this is definately behaviour induced.

Of course, one persons SPAM is anothers interesting reading material :-)

  Al94 17:57 29 Aug 2004

I get virtually no spam at all, ok just the very odd one slips through. This is due to using Nildram as ISP with anti spam email filtering. I have the control set to maximum and I check the fitered box now and again just to see what it is catching and if there's anything there I should see. It works brilliantly and is filtering out 50/60 spam emails per day. I rarely check now as I get everything that I want to get. They also filter for viruses and email me if there has been an attempt to sent a virus which is automatically quarantined.

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