Spam-how long do they keep it up?

  Sapins 13:27 26 Sep 2003

Hi all,

I am receiving 4 or 5 e-mails a day, mainly Viagra and loan offers. I always put them on the blocked senders list straight away but I wonder how long do they keep targeting one address when they get no response. The list is now very long and I recognise the same message each time. I just wondered if I should change my e-mail address or will they soon catch up with me again?

What is the best way to deal with these messages?

  leo49 13:33 26 Sep 2003

I guess with the Viagra ones it depends whether they use their own products. :o)

Sorry - I know I really should resist

  Sapins 13:41 26 Sep 2003

Be serious leo49!!!;-)

  -pops- 13:44 26 Sep 2003

No point putting them on the blocked senders list. as you are demonstrating by the list getting very long (perhaps one of their other advertised products involved here), this doesn't work.

Just delete them or install MailWasher to at least stop them getting into your machine. click here (use the free version).


  MjM Hellfire 14:13 26 Sep 2003

Also...goto Outlook express and click TOOLS - OPTIONS - READ -

Uncheck the box that says - Automatically download message when viewing in preview payne...I think this stops you from giving away your IP each time you view the message then block it.

I block HTML stuff as well, none of my friends of contacts send me this kind of stuff, I also block anything that come through Cc:, my friends dont use it either, so it narrows the options for spam down a little.

  Chegs ® 16:44 26 Sep 2003

I rarely get any spam to my OE addy,but I would simply create a Message Rule to DELETE anything that contains the words most often appearing(p0rn,big w***y,etc)I use the filters in Hotmail to auto delete anything not in my addy book,but changed this to Junk Mail folder after I discovered PCA messages were being deleted.

  Sapins 08:38 27 Sep 2003

Sorry -pops-, MjM Hellfire and Chegs ® forgot to thank you for your input, had a long day and forgot my manners. I will try your suggestions and see how I get on.

Thanks again,


  DieSse 08:45 27 Sep 2003

Spammers don't target addresses - they buy a mailing list. Once your name's on a list that's in circulation, you'll probably never get it off the list.

  shortcircuit 09:14 27 Sep 2003

I have had a similar problems in the past. The only real answer is to change your email address. It's the only way to resolve it.Mailwasher is useless and blocked sender is not stopping the problem.I have had my email not for 8 months, and so far so go but if i start getting junk, I will wait untill its too bad and then change. Everyone should do it .

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