Spam - Getting More Disgusting?

  -pops- 20:10 17 Aug 2003

Is it just me or are others finding junk mail and spam is getting more and more disgusting and sick making recently?

I use the BT spam filter and Mailwasher but, even with these, the headers of the spam are readable and they just get more and more revolting. Most of the really bad ones escape the BT filter and end up on Mailwasher.

I am as broad minded as anyone, or so I thought, despite having passed the age when a broad mind and a narrow waist change place, but this is too much.

Are others experiencing this or is it just me?


  john-232317 20:38 17 Aug 2003

Yeah i thoroughly agree with you, i am street wise and drunk and cursed with the best, but i think somthing should be done to curb this crap coming from USA.
Like you say everyone who looks at a PC is at risk, i even get porn photos included in the email, not even as an attachment.
Virgin say send us the return path and we can do something about it. I have forwarded about twenty and heard B A from virgin, so now i select all and send it all back to them, probably wont do any good but i feel a lot better returning the unsolicited mails to them.
regards John.

  DieSse 20:53 17 Aug 2003

If you send mail back - you probably don't actually raech thm, due to the mailing methods employed - and at worst simply confirm that you are a real email address to send mail to.

Spambunker click here stops all spam - totally - and you need never even look at the headers if you don't wish to.

It relies on an allow list that you generate in the first place from your address book. And after that it challenges all new emails to confirm that they are from a real person at the other end - Spam always fails this test. all this is done automatically.

Really works 100&

  citadel 20:56 17 Aug 2003

I have had no spam since I have had a computer. I only use bt e-mail and only get mail from companies that I have approved.

  oliverdore 21:00 17 Aug 2003

DieSse, is your Spambunker link working at the mo? Can't access it, but sounds pretty good.

  john-232317 21:01 17 Aug 2003

When i said send them back i meant to virgins abuse address...

I will give spambunker a try....

regards John

  john-232317 21:05 17 Aug 2003

I reckon everyone has read this post and is downloading spambunker, cos i cant get it either..;-)

  mammak 21:06 17 Aug 2003

Yes to you all i agree, i am as opened minded as the next, but the filth on the net is really bad,
i cant imagine what they get out of it really i cant,my little one is only six and beleive when i say i wont leave her for a minute, i couldnt,
it,s sad when a child is enjoying somthing like Disney, and a parent cant leave them for a second, in case some vulgar image rears it,s head.Mammak

  oliverdore 21:13 17 Aug 2003

It makes e-mail more hassle than it's worth, when you end up spending more time trying to stop rubbish entering your inbox than actually reading or writing e-mails. I receive about 3 spam messages a day, which is peanuts compared to the 12 or 13 my Mum receives overnight (which always makes me think they're from the US).

We use Mailwasher as well, but I don't have a clue whether bouncing mail back does any difference whatsoever. Either the spammers are getting stupider or more stubborn (or both!).

  john-232317 21:29 17 Aug 2003

I get prob 50 a day all from the USA, i even get ones saying "send your adverts to 5 million email addresses for $300"

They are a job to block cos they add letters to the word...IE viagraxyz.

  oliverdore 21:39 17 Aug 2003

Yeah some of them are even getting past my keen eye. I had one the other day, I didn't know whether it was spam or not, since it was written and stylised just like a company newsletter!

Don't you think ISP's should be on the offensive when it comes to spam, tackling the issue (maybe cross referencing with spam databases would be a good start for many)?

One thing's for sure - something has to be done, sooner rather than later. At the rate spam is increasing, it will soon put people off using it altogether. I almost feel like setting up a filter to delete every e-mail from the server that's address is not in my address book, since then I would know that when my Inbox number => 1, I'll know it is something I actually want to read. It would never work in practise though... ahh well...

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