Spam on the forums - trying to control

  simonjary 13:28 24 Nov 2012

Hi, everyone.

As you may have noticed the PCA forums are again under attack from spammers.

We are trying to ban and delete them as fast as they come in but controlling a big attack on a weekend isn't easy.

That's our Saturday afternoon sorted then... :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 24 Nov 2012

So you lads won't be watching the football then?

Keep up the good work


  Secret-Squirrel 14:20 24 Nov 2012

".....We are trying to ban and delete them as fast as they come in..."

After banning all those new spammers, could you also suspend new sign-ups for a while?

  simonjary 14:29 24 Nov 2012


We could do but it's likely spammers are smart enough to have registered plenty of nasties prior to the attack to stop that having any effect other than on the innocent.



  simonjary 15:47 24 Nov 2012

We have now fired up our Iron Dome defence shield. Let's see how effective that is.

(As ever, this can affect innocent forum posts – so please bear with us through the blitz.)



Publisher, PC Advisor

  Forum Editor 10:55 25 Nov 2012


Don't tempt fate.

  john bunyan 16:43 25 Nov 2012

spam re DENVER Broncoes

  Forum Editor 19:00 25 Nov 2012

It would be really helpful if, when you spot something untoward, you could let me know via email, rather than posting about it here.

There are a number of reasons for this which - for obvious reasons - I'll not go into here.

Email me:- [email protected] or use the 'contact Forum Editor' link that you'll see towards the top of the page. No need for a message,just go into the thread containing the spam message and then copy the url from your browser's address bar. Paste that into the body of the email,put the word 'spam' into the subject line and send it. Then post the message 'Spam - FE informed' on the thread,so others know,and I don't receive ten emails about the same spam post.

Many thanks for your cooperation - it will help me enormously.

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