spam folder

  rgtyfhr 07:15 30 Mar 2011

where`s the spam folder on vista is it fhe junk email folder? please

  tullie 08:25 30 Mar 2011

Are you refering to your email client or your operating system,which email client do you use.Spam is associated with email.

  Graham. 09:10 30 Mar 2011

Windows Mail, View, Go to folder, Junk E-mail. Also, Tools, Junk E-mail options...

  palinka 09:43 30 Mar 2011

IN my experience, the SPAM folder is available only in your WEBmail (Internet Explorer>log into your ISP's website> go to Mail). Perhaps you've been in the habit of accessing all your mail via Webmail. But if you receive your mail via something like Windows Mail(Vista) or Outlook Express (earlier operating systems)the only option is "Junk email". Graham's route will enable you to change the settings for Spam (and other stuff)but you won't be able to see the spam there.If you use btinternet I would strongly advise that you check in Webmail spam at least once a month for anything that is NOT spam but which btinternet has decided IS spam and has put there without reference to you. Believe me, they have vivid imaginations!

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