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  rickd 17:13 04 Mar 2007

I have Norton anti-spam which works great to filter out spam where I can input a keyword for it to filter, but recently I've had a rash of spam where the text in the advert is, I assume, an embedded image. Is there a way to filter these?

  skidzy 17:34 04 Mar 2007

You could try opening IE (assuming IE7)but think it works in IE6 also.

In IE/Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/scroll through to Show Pictures and untick this and ok.

  rickd 17:43 04 Mar 2007

I'm guessing that will simply mean I wont see the image, but I'll still get the spam emails into my inbox? What I really want is a filter that say, puts any email I'm sent which contains an embedded image (i get very few legit ones like this)into a spam folder. Does such a thing exist?

  skidzy 17:48 04 Mar 2007

If the image is not shown,i would suspect the spam text will not be either.I know not a cure but thought it worth a reply as it seems very quiet on here at the moment.

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