spam filter - best one?

  vienna1981 11:40 12 Apr 2004

Hi I used to use Mailwasher to filter spam from my outlook express but it stopped working and caused some problems so I uninstalled it. Can anyone recommend any other good, free spam filters for outlook express? Thanks in advance.

  Lionheart ? 12:26 12 Apr 2004

Had the same problem with Mailwasher, I now use this.

click here

  Lionheart ? 12:29 12 Apr 2004

Courtesy of Jester2K.

click here

  vienna1981 13:57 12 Apr 2004

ok i tried that eprompter and i have no idea if i set it up correctly as when it asks you for an email address then password, i've no idea whether its my email address password or a new password for eprompter. Also can it handle 5 email accounts? IF anyone knows any other spam filters, maybe there's one out there that integrates into outlook express instead of popping up separately?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:01 12 Apr 2004

click here used this for a while now and it very good.


  spuds 14:47 12 Apr 2004

Here is a couple of sites worth a browse click here click here

  QQAA 16:47 12 Apr 2004

long ago, i had tried out both in my office and was much more impressed with the "Mail Washer" (free edition) click here than the freeware "ePrompter", which was rather unstable and in my opinion, over-rated by some website reviewers at that time.

by the way, i like the unwanted-mail 'bounce back' feature of "Mail Washer" although some people felt it is not really useful. i am not sure if this is true or not, and whether this is the reason why its few competitors have not bothered to include this feature in their products.

  vienna1981 17:34 12 Apr 2004

thanks but i did have mailwasher which ended up causing lots of problems

  QQAA 17:43 12 Apr 2004

i don't know, but maybe the newer versions of "Mail Washer" does have some stability issues.

just in case you still face the same problem with whatever new email-checker that you decided to download, then it could be other issues at work. i think we will know it soon.

  Belatucadrus 18:00 12 Apr 2004

G-Lock SpamCombat - click here

  961 18:35 12 Apr 2004

I tried the free version of Mailwasher some while ago and found it useful so I sent a couple of quid to the author. When the Pro version was launched I was offered a free upgrade and downloaded it.

At the start there were problems but prompt upgrades brought stability and recently a new version has been launched with the ability to subscribe separately to a spam database at Firetrust for about £3 for the first year.

I have to say that I am finding this terrific and although I recognise that there were stability problems some while ago I can now deal with the ever increasing volume of spam in no time at all

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