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  Quiet Life 23:07 07 Feb 2007

My server has a filter and all the Viagara ,University degrees, Mortgages etc no longer hit my account.
However I am now inundated with American Share Tips where the sending address changes all the time and reporting as Spam has no effect.
However 90% of these are addressed to mainly three accounts ,none of which are mine, and apparently arrive on my acccount because my account is I am told by the Server BC in the original e-mail. My account must be BC three times because invariably these e-mails arrive in threes.
It used to be fairly easy to tick and delete all these as Spam on the web but my Server is now introducing a new (improved!) web Mail Account where the delete process is much longer.
Is there a free Spam Filter that can pick up e-mails on the web account not addressed to me and put in the Web Mail Spam Folder?

  Quiet Life 23:53 07 Feb 2007

Hi brundle neither of these appear to pick up mail where I am the BC and the mail ends up in my account but is addressed to somebody else.

  Quiet Life 19:21 08 Feb 2007

Thanks. I am giving Maiwasher a go.

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