Spam email.

  Prism 10:54 05 Mar 2007

Hi everyone,

I have recently started to receive numourous emails into one of my email accounts.
These emails mostly refer to Share trading and the like and others would appear to be from Mail delivery services informing me that the mail which I sent to ***** could not be delivered for a variety of reasons such as the mail address does not exist or the mail is suspected spam etc.

I remember some time ago there was a Trojan or something that was using mail addresses from Contact lists to send out mails referring to Shares so I suspect my problem is something to do with this.

I have checked my Mail Outbox and none of these email are listed as having been sent from my account. I have also run Norton system tools and Microsoft Defender which are both up to date and they are not showing any problems with my PC.

Is it possible that my email address has been highjacked and these messages are being sent from someone elses PC unknown to them?

Any help on this would be appreaciated as I'm receiving up to 30 messages a day and starting to get very frustrated.


  Jackcoms 10:57 05 Mar 2007

click here

You've previously posted this question and received replies

  recap 10:58 05 Mar 2007

click here to download ewido Malware tool.

When receiving spam/suspicious emails, best practice is to delete them without opening them.

  Prism 11:00 05 Mar 2007

Hi Jackcoms,
I did but it does not appear to be there now, can you still see the original message as I can't?


  Jackcoms 11:02 05 Mar 2007

"can you still see the original message as I can't?

Yes I can see it - that's how I was able to supply the link to it!

  Batch 11:03 05 Mar 2007

Many people are wise to ordinary spam and delete them without opening. The supposed "returned" mails are a spoof to try and get you to open the mails (which may contain sales pitches, viruses or whatever).

In the normal course of using the internet, your email address is likely to get harvested at some point and used for sending spam to you. Ultimatley, there is not a lot you can do to prevent it happening (other than not using your email address). Rather, you take action once it has happened (by using spam filters, changing your email address periodically etc.)

  Prism 11:17 05 Mar 2007

I still cannot see the original, I know it was posted at 11:44 on 4th Mar which at present would be 4 pages back.

When I look I can see a problem for, which is the best 32 " TV logged at 11:25 and the next problem is for Ram upgrade logged at 11:51.

My problem should have been between these two!

This is why I relisted it and thank you for your response yesterday.


  sea urchin 11:18 05 Mar 2007

"can you still see the original message as I can't"

You can check all your previous entries by clicking on "Your Postings" top left hand corner.

  Prism 11:21 05 Mar 2007

Hi,sea urchin

Yes I can see it when I click on your postings, but should I not be able to see it when I list all postings on the Forum?


  Jackcoms 11:28 05 Mar 2007

"but should I not be able to see it when I list all postings on the Forum?"

Yes you should. But you need to look around the time of the last posting to it which was at 18:00 yesterday (Sunday).

  Prism 11:43 05 Mar 2007

I now see what my problem was, I was looking at the time I posted the original message.

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