Spam e-mail trick...

  Howling Mad Murdock 15:42 13 Nov 2003

I've got 2 spam e-mails in the past week from "Joseph" but from my e-mail address of [email protected].

So it passes right through my filters, and mailwasher.

Anyone any ideas how to beat this annoying trick?

  madPentium 15:44 13 Nov 2003

Have you tried running adaware or spybot to see if you have any spyware running on your pc?

  Howling Mad Murdock 15:46 13 Nov 2003

I always run adaware and remove any, none today when i checked.

  Jester2K II 15:48 13 Nov 2003

How did it get through Mailwasher? Don't you look at the messages as they come in?

BTW not too clever posting the full address here either as it can be picked up by Spam Harvesting programs (Spam Bots). One way of avoiding spam is NOT to splash your e-mail address about everywhere!!!

  Jester2K II 15:50 13 Nov 2003

Perhaps this is a new addressing trick. Using the recipients address as the senders address too.... At least it looks a more credible address than the [email protected] type address my spam always comes from....

  Howling Mad Murdock 15:54 13 Nov 2003

But my own e-mail address is on my friends list, as i do sent myself CCs of e-mails i send out, among other things.

I do check, which was why i caught this e-mail.

The fact its "from" my own address is the problem.

  madPentium 15:57 13 Nov 2003

Maybe its been picked up from the address book of another pc? Cant you set up a message rule to say delete any emails sent from you to you?

Just curious though, if you bounce the email in mailwasher does it bounce back to you?

  Howling Mad Murdock 17:18 13 Nov 2003

Yes, its bounced back to me.

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