Spam e-mail from MY e-mail address ??

  KSG2006 20:30 09 Nov 2008

I have an orange e-mail account and when I checked my junk mail box there were loads of e-mails from my own e-mail address, mainly about a certain pill !

When I clicked on full header they came from a freeserve account all starting with mwinf and further down it says mwinb3902 (SMTP server with LMTP ?)

Can anyone tell me how they can do this and what I have to do about it ?


  lotvic 22:49 09 Nov 2008

Just delete them - it's spam with your address spoofed. There's a lot of us getting the same type this week. click here and read thread about the emails 'from me to me'

  MAJ 23:34 09 Nov 2008

Is he still on the go?

  MAJ 23:36 09 Nov 2008

sorry don't know how that happened, thought I was posting to another thread.

  lotvic 23:50 09 Nov 2008

yes Joe Longthorne is still on the go

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