Spam e-mail

  caast©? 18:21 10 Jan 2004

I am being bombarded with junk e-mail usually the same messages from different people. e.g online prescriptions, ultimated banned CD, etc.

I have mailwasher but my blacklisted users is just filling up with more and more, I am considering discarding my e-mail address and getting another but I don't particularly want to take this drastict action is their anything I can do, everytime I log on I have at least 40 e-mails some times more and if I have been away for a few days it takes an age to sort the good from the ugly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:27 10 Jan 2004

There is nothing that you can do and a new email address is probably the only option. I have been testing InBoxer for a few weeks from click here It is superb at deleting spam and can be trained to hone it's service. It costs $29 ish but if spam worries you that much the price is cheap.


  Forum Editor 18:38 10 Jan 2004

whether they offer a spam-cleansing service. Some do, for a small additional charge.

One of the web hosting companies I use provides an excellent service that has reduced my spam intake from around 150 a day to a mere 15 or so, and the PCA mail server has recently had some spam filters installed as well. I used to get 100 or so spam messages a day on my [email protected] address - now I hardly ever get any.

The spammers are geting to grips with the filters as fast as we install them though, and my web host tells me that more are getting through than was the case a few weeks ago. The format is changing, and a lot of them are appearing with perfectly innocuous subject lines and many rows of randomly selected words. The sting is in the inevitable hyperlink - never, ever click on one.

  Durko 18:43 10 Jan 2004

I was using mailwasher and getting the same problems as you have described.

I picked up a trial verson of McAffe Spam Killer which thankfully has obstructed any kind of spam entering my inbox. It's been running about 2 weeks and no spam at all.

The full version is version 4 or 5 I think and costs around £19.99 from PC World.

  caast©? 18:59 10 Jan 2004

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that most of the spam comes to an old mailbox I have with Line one, as I set mail washer to check this mail box and incredimail to collect it I think if I delete that account it will cure a lot of the problem.

How ever if I delete the mailbox from my Mail accounts in Incredimail and Mailwasher the mail will obviously just sit on their server.

Will this cause any problems with/to Lineone Tiscali I dont want to do this if it will cause them problems. Should I inform them of what I intend to do.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:13 10 Jan 2004

'How ever if I delete the mailbox from my Mail accounts in Incredimail and Mailwasher the mail will obviously just sit on their server'....You do not need to tell them as the mail will auto-delete after some time and the mailbox will be auto-closed if there is no use.


  caast©? 19:18 10 Jan 2004

Cheers thats all I wanted to hear.

I will delete that mail box and hopefully get rid of the bulk of Spam,and check this thread as resolved

  Castleman 15:32 15 Jan 2004

Porbably a daft question, but why do spammers send messages (which I always delete) consisting of nothing but a series of unrelated words? Are they hoping for a reply?

  g0slp 16:02 15 Jan 2004

Simple answer - it's to try & get through spam filters, which look for such words as......

well, I'm sure you get the idea!

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