Spam driving me nuts....!

  montyburns 12:25 24 Sep 2006

I am getting sick and fed up of spam on my own personal email address (which points to an older, Freeserve address)

The address is my name - so say I was really called Monty Burns, it'd be click here (put in double dots to stop it turning into a hyperlink) and I'm getting spam to things like

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

In other words, totally random selections of letters before the actual address.

I'm using Mailwasher and blacklisting/bouncing these as they arrive, but I'm getting 10-20 new ones every time I log on, and the Blacklist has hundreds of addresses stored in it now. Some of the addresses seem quite reputable, some look dodgy

The emails have various themes, with and without attachments, but generally they are undeliverable message reports.

I'm worrying that there's something on my own PC that is sending out dodgy emails unknown to me, but I've checked with Norton, AVG, Spybot, Ad-aware, Microsoft Defender and found nothing

Are these emails likely to all be coming from the same source, and if so, how can I identify this source and block it?

If I can't find out a solution, I reckoned I could filter messages so only those with prefixes I selected as genuine could get through (like "cars" or "pcadvisor" etc) but how do I block the spurious ones and still let these through?!

I don't want to change my email address, as I pay for the www. with my own name and I like it!!

Any help offered very gratefully received!!

  SANTOS7 12:59 24 Sep 2006

click here
you will never stop it but you can dramatically reduce it, the link has some good tips.
I also see you use Norton and AVG, Two antivirus progs running together will almost certainly cause software conflict, unless you configure them to do diferent things you need to get rid of one of them,good luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:00 24 Sep 2006

bouncing just lets them know that the email address is active and will only make things worse.

  montyburns 13:28 24 Sep 2006

"bouncing just lets them know that the email address is active and will only make things worse"

I thought it was supposed to make them think the address was inactive!!!!???????

  bellababy 23:46 24 Sep 2006

I stopped using my MailWasher Pro version when I discovered ePrompter click here I
found after a number of years using MailWasher it
didn't stop spam, at the moment I don't think you can stop it. With out doubt some ISPs are better than others for screening it out,
With eprompter you can examine up to 16 e-mail address's and with a simple click get rid of all the dross/ unwanted mail etc, then keep and download all you know to be safe.
It's a very simple programme you should take a look you will not regret it. It's a free ware which works in the background and warns you when mail arrives.
It's small, simple to set up,and updates itself when needed.It could not be easier, it will work alongside MailWasher, but you will find eventually you will not need MailWasher.
I also think the bouncing advice above is good never ever reply to them in any way,just delete.

  Les 00:01 25 Sep 2006

..are very good at seperating spam from genuine mail - round about 1 in 150 get through. However, I still have to look through the spam mails (not opening them!) for the occasional genuine mail put in the bulk box - certainly not enough to complain about. It's a simple matter to move the genuine mail to the inbox using the button provided. All 'Phishing' mail is caught - nary a one gets through. Very impressive.

  bellababy 01:31 25 Sep 2006

Then your OK but if like me you have several address's with different ISPs some that do a good job of filtering mail and others that are poor, the above programme ePrompter is ideal. Example one of my e-mail address has on average 30 plus spam mails a day, It would be easy to ignore it and let it become defunct but I live in hope that one day lost contacts will use it to get in touch with me via this address.
The reason for the different ISPs is I collected them when living in different countries.

  terryf 04:31 25 Sep 2006

Examine whether the spam has vowels in the address, the examples you gave don't, I once used a message rule that if aeiou didn't appear in address then move to deleted

  montyburns 09:17 25 Sep 2006

Is there any way to find out where the spam is coming from? If they are from hundreds of sources, there's not much I can do, but if it's one source, surely I can block it?

  bellababy 09:24 25 Sep 2006

Think you will be wasting your time unlikely it will be from one source, also it is very likely a false address. So just delete.

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