spam deluge - solutions??

  [email protected] 14:00 02 Feb 2004

I used to get less than 5 junk emails a day. Since going for the "remove from our list" option they provide, I now get more than fifty diet and 'male enhancement' emails a day. Although thankfully and surprisingly, one regular hard core email did stop.

What can I do? How have people tackled their spam problems? I have set up an Outlook Express mail rule with key words, but every day 5-10 still seem to get through? I'm using Windows 98.


  [email protected]@m 14:05 02 Feb 2004

'Remove from our list' is the reason you are getting more mail. You have confirmed your address as valid! You should consider changing your address, and start again.

  [email protected] 14:50 02 Feb 2004

Is dumping our six year old email address the only option? :-(

I tried the "remove from list" recently because it had actually worked for some spam I was getting a year or so ago. Obviously not everyone plays fair. I'm not prepared to put up with hard core email, even at 'only' one a day. At least the current deluge is innocuous in image content, if not in volume.

Do people genrally put up with their spam, or is the answer not to get too attached to a particular email address?


  SANAP 14:55 02 Feb 2004

andy get mailwasher and its free, its worth it, u can see whats goping to be delivered before u get it an can delete, bounce, block etc.


  Pesala 15:03 02 Feb 2004

Changing your email address need not be too painful. Set up an autoresponse for customers still using the old email address, asking them to log on to your website to obtain the new email address, which you can conceal from robots by displaying it as a graphic image.

Mr Gates has apparently promised to rid the world of spam within two years. You could wait for the arrival of Windows Longhorn in 2006 when all computer problems will cease forever. (~_~)

  G&T 16:23 02 Feb 2004

Give Inboxcop a try click here I found that I was getting large numbers & tried Mailwasher to start with but whilst it worked the actual "list" I was downloading each day was getting larger because although you might "blacklist" an account they were always shown again even though you didn't need to take action on them. Inboxcop gives you many option by allowing you to choose what filters you want but to also delete domain names (again with a choice) if you want and the beaaty is that you never see them appear again. I had already tried several others besides Mailwasher until I settled on Inboxcop.

  Trikie 23:16 02 Feb 2004

I've used InboxCop for a few months. Just recently some of the spam items are appearing in the InboxCop query list but also in my mail box.

I've emailed the ptoblem to InboxCop but so far they have not replied.

  [email protected] 16:55 04 Feb 2004

Thanks all.

Let's hope too many of the spamers don't cotton on to this:

How to make spam unstoppable
click here

They probably will :-(


  [email protected] 18:10 04 Feb 2004

Just like you can't stop unwanted flyers in your letterbox; so tolerating SPAM from the net is something you have to accept! But you can reduce it considerably: I use MailWasher set to "AUTO DELETE BLACKLIST" - at least you don't get a face full each time you connect. Never bounce and never respond to the "if you don't want tick here box" if you bother to take the time to read the rubbish. It's not Bill's fault; he gave us great tools to improve our skills; it's the people who abuse who are at fault - bit like blaming the dog when the owner lets em poo on the pavement!

  Chris the Ancient 19:42 04 Feb 2004

That link has answered a question I was about to pose on the forum!

I always use MailWasher and any iffy e-mails I preview before downloading. Lately I had been getting some with all these random words in - and I wondered why. Now I know!

All I've got to work out now is how some can be downloaded into my Inbox that didn't even show in the Mailwasher window. Some sneaky so-and-so keeps offering me cheap phone calls, but there is never any sign of the message in Mailwasher.

Why don't these people put these skills to a sensible use?


  [email protected] 23:57 05 Feb 2004

Greed and a quick profit, whatever the inconvenience to others, is one I can think of :-(

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