Spam - close to tears

  Bombo 16:09 06 Sep 2006

OK, so it is an old chestnut but spam is totally out of control now for me, 90-95% of my mail is spam - upward of 350 messages a day.

So what to do? I musn't lose any legitimate mail but anything you can recommend that at least cuts down on the amount of genuine spam would be most gratefully received.



  Gongoozler 16:16 06 Sep 2006

The only reliable way I know of to keep spam to a minimum is to make sure that you and anyone with your email address is running up-to-date antivirus and not to publish your email address anywhere that has public access. As your email address appears to have already been harvested by spam generators I recommend that you change it and only give the new address to people you know have adequate virus protection. There is anti-spam software available but I get very little spam and so don't use it, so I can't comment on it's effectiveness.

  Bombo 16:20 06 Sep 2006


Unfortunately, the email has to be publicised as it is on a commercial website. I know there is probably no panacea for this ill, but anything that at least reduces the amount would be great again as long as it does not lose legitimate mail.

  Jackcoms 16:25 06 Sep 2006
  IClaudio 17:31 06 Sep 2006

Agree with Jackcoms, Mailwasher is the way to go; please do yourself a favour, Bombo, and download it now.

If you have to display your e-address on a site, then get your Web Master to use a graphic - automatic 'e-address farmers' won't see this as a legitimate address.

  silverous 17:38 06 Sep 2006

If its got that bad, maybe time to get a new email address? Few people would have a big issue changing theirs I would imagine.

My experience is that how you treat your email address directly reflects how much spam you will get at it (apart from hotmail for example where you just seem to get loads anyway it seems). People at work who abuse their email address (not to the point of facing any disciplinary action, but just don't use it wisely) get lots of spam, others, like me, who are careful with it get little.

Also if you are looking at mail filter programs try and get one that does Real Time Blacklist lookups (RBL/SBL it might be referred to as). These look-up the site sending you email in a list of known spammers and block the mail if it is from one of them. We silently drop 100s of mails a day at work via this method.

  octal 19:06 06 Sep 2006

As IClaudio says, can't you put your email address up as a graphic rather than a mailto link, mailto links are a recipe for disaster.

  ade.h 20:27 06 Sep 2006

Alt text is just as bad, as it is, of course, included in the markup. Accessibility becomes an issue if you embed text in a graphic; there is nothing for text readers to pick up.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:28 06 Sep 2006

Bite the bullet and change email address, it is the only way without too much hassle.


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