Spam attack on PCA forums

  simonjary 07:14 18 Sep 2012

As you can see some nasty spamming army has targeted the PC Advisor forums.

We'll raise our anti-spam filters again, and, as soon as we can, clear this rubbish off the forums.

Until then, please post as normal and we ask for your patience as we combat this menace.


Simon Publisher, PC Advisor

  KRONOS the First 08:23 18 Sep 2012

Someone really does not like PCA. I was quite stunned when I saw the amount of spam,particularly on the Helproom Forum earlier today.

  simonjary 08:54 18 Sep 2012

The trouble is that they like us too much!

Spammers generally attack the most popular sites to grab search benefits, even though we no-follow external links on the forums.

It seems to have died down now that the army of spammers are resting and we'll get the filters up again.


  Strawballs 14:09 18 Sep 2012

At 22:30 last night I contacted FE during my break at work because there was about 8 on page 1 by the time I got home at around 01:50 it was the 1st 6 pages and some on page 7

  Strawballs 14:12 18 Sep 2012

I don't even like NFL!

  BT 17:09 18 Sep 2012


  chub_tor 17:54 18 Sep 2012

Some of those posts are showing 20plus views, I can only hope that it is the result of PCA tech staff looking at them in order to block them. If not then they have succeeded in their aim.

  KRONOS the First 18:01 18 Sep 2012

Surely their aim is for you to click on any link within the thread?

  woodchip 18:28 18 Sep 2012

Spam Filters up, but not stopping them

  chub_tor 18:48 18 Sep 2012

Chronus Surely their aim is for you to click on any link within the thread? and we have no way of telling if the viewers did so or not. My point is why would anyone even view a post that is obviously spam? Unless of course it is PCA Tech Staff seeing if is a threat or a post that needs to be removed.

  March Hare 19:47 18 Sep 2012

I see it is mostly the same spammers today.

Cannot their membership of PCA Forum be instantly terminated, making it impossible for these morons to post here?

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