Spam again!

  astronomer2 17:04 14 Oct 2003

Considering that the vast majority of spam has the word 'viagra' or 'penis' or'prescription' or some other such pretty obvious word or phrase, why cant the ISP companies identify the cultprit and bring law suites? Or simply delete the e-mail before it clogs the mailboxes of their customers?

  mark e 17:21 14 Oct 2003

My guess is, its probably cheaper and uses less resourses to let you do it. if you force them to do it they would put up thier prices.

  astronomer2 10:14 15 Oct 2003

No, I dont accept this comment from Maerk e.
It only bypasses an issue that is threatening e-mail and internet integrity for all us consumers.

We already pay ISP providers for a service. I dont expect to pay extra for quality product. Indeed, I expect to pay less for a corrupted or inferior product that they are increasingly allowing to happen.

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