?spam address? anyone else had this one?

  p;3 14:12 12 Nov 2005

my mailwasher is picking up and labelling as spam, messages purporting to be from BT from a no [email protected] ; I have spaced it out for safety reasons; I have not had any confirmation from BT that it is one of their addresses, I suspect it is spam and have already chucked out one of them, with two more parked on server; anyone else feel this address is familiar? I am about to scan my pc as it has had a few problems since my first introduction to this address:)

problem is I am also awaiting to my talkgas server a message from BT, but this mail address is being flagged up as spam already; are my suspicions justified?

  VCR97 19:32 12 Nov 2005

It seems as if you don't have the preview pane enabled, or am I misunderstanding something? View>Preview pane. You can see the message safely in this pane.

  p;3 20:40 12 Nov 2005

I am reading them on server via mailwasher; to protect me from spam on my machine; I ve just received another three awating me and have now sent copies of the previewed mails to btbroadband for their advise; I have also received a further one a few moments ago; I am not opening anything unless I know its sourse; and bt say there are suspicious mails around , none of which helps with my sorting my mail out:((

  PaulB2005 20:57 12 Nov 2005

"You can see the message safely in this pane."

You CAN'T see the message SAFELY in this pane. Using the preview pane opens the message and can launch any embedded viruses and malware. The Preview Pane has been a security risk for a long time now as it doesn't allow you to delete a message without opening it.

  p;3 23:14 12 Nov 2005

what I have done with this is to preview the messages in mailwasher, including the full header, then copy and paste into a document and mailed it to [email protected], who will investigate these things, the unwanted messages seem to have eased off for the present. does not reallly help when I am also anticipating mail responses on my other server from bt themselves:(

  Forum Editor 23:32 12 Nov 2005

sond like customer service responses from BT. You've been in contact with them, and they're probably sending you automatic acknowledgments - hence the 'no reply' address.

  Skyver 23:37 12 Nov 2005

If you cut and paste the whole source of an email into SamSpade it will give you lots of interesting information; click here

  p;3 23:47 12 Nov 2005

a message I have had from BT says they could well be spam, I have told them that until I get confirmation from the bt address I am feeling safe with, I will be chucking out these other messages , and treating them as spam; all of this is still to do with my sorting my e mails out, which so far seem to be running ok; what my concern now is that soemone at bt may be using their computer facility to send spam, or that someone has gotten hold of my address and is missusing it

  VCR97 18:28 13 Nov 2005

You can preview the message safely in Mailwasher preview. You cannot do so in Outlook Express preview. See MW help file.

  PaulB2005 23:46 13 Nov 2005

Sorry i assumed you meant in OE.

I don't use MW.

  p;3 09:41 16 Nov 2005

I"ve not had any more of these so; ticking it off:)

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