laurie53 20:23 31 Dec 2008

I have a phenomenal increase in the amount of spam appearing in my spam folder, mostly undeliverable mail returned to sender, like up from 3 a week to two hundred a day.

As they are going straight to my spam folder I am not too bothered, but anybody have a clue as to why?

Have I compromised my account in some way, or has a new server opened up?

  Prospero 20:47 31 Dec 2008

Sorry, can't help but although I'm no great fan of BT, but they do seem to filter out most of my spam before it gets to me.

  laurie53 07:57 01 Jan 2009

I'm with Orange, but my e-mail account is Yahoo.

  canarieslover 10:12 01 Jan 2009

If it is 'undeliverable mail - return to sender' it would seem to indicate that you are the sender it is being returned to. Time to do all the scanning for trojans etc that is so often recommended in this forum.

  laurie53 19:40 01 Jan 2009

Done full scans with avg and spybot.

Nothing found apart from the odd tracking cookie (deleted!).

  laurie53 21:54 01 Jan 2009

Thanks. I think you're probably right.

Funnily enough, so far my g-mail account is pretty clear!

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