Chas49 10:50 19 May 2008

Has anyone else been 'tagetted' for so called Undelivered Mail spam this morning? I use BT Yahoo which, in the past, has been extremely good at sending spam mail to the Bulk folder - this 'attack' though has resulted in some 100 undelivered mail notifications in the Inbox and over 400 in the Bulk. Naturally I have marked those in the Inbox as spam and just deleted those in Bulk. I wonder why and how these people, whoever they are, have managed to send these obvious spam messages (which would through their sheer number fool no one) to my address

  Gongoozler 11:05 19 May 2008

These spam messages are usually the result of random email generators, of email address harvesting from somewhere you have published you address or from an unprotected computer which has your address on it. What surprises me is the extent to which spam trying to sell me "enhancement" pills are disguised to get through spam filters. Surely if I was interested in buying these things, I wouldn't be trying to block the emails. I'm also surprised that these products appear to originate from a Canadian company, which if genuine has not been closed down. I haven't yet been targeted with the Undelivered Mail spam, but I'm sure it will happen.

  Belatucadrus 11:14 19 May 2008

Too true, as if we're going to be so impressed by the use of V1/\gra to bypass the filter that we're suddenly going to reassess our stance on the subject and buy dodgy blue pills from some anonymous bod over the ocean.

  €dstowe 11:18 19 May 2008

My personal spam trap on BT had acquired 970 entries since last Friday and 27 had escaped through the trap into my Mailwasher box.

  Chas49 12:03 19 May 2008

I wonder if it's possible that one of the grandkids has been abusing my generosity by going to other sites than those permitted - My Space, Msn Messanger and Bebo being his usual viewing sites. You like to trust them but who knows - you can't watch them all the time but, if this proves to be the case then no Internet for him a while. However, I hope that this will not be necessary!!

  tullie 12:14 19 May 2008

No probs here

  Gongoozler 12:35 19 May 2008

To avoid kids going to dodgy sites, I recommend K9 Web Protection click here

  PA28 13:55 19 May 2008

I filter my spam through Orange webmail, downloading only those I recognise and want into Outlook. But it's becoming a right pain in the proverbial. My only conclusion is to set up a new email address, but why should I have to? This is surely the scourge of the internet?

  johndrew 14:01 19 May 2008

I thought there was a movement by ISPs and others to `outlaw` SPAM and sort out those who promulgate it. Was this a failure or did it turn out to be an expensive exercise that was dropped?

  Gongoozler 14:35 19 May 2008

I have 3 email addresses that I use. The first is [email protected], and this is the one I use for online buying and other similar jobs. The other two are less obvious ones and these are only given to friends. The only address that gets spam is the first one - and that gets loads. This suggests to me that the automatic address generators used by spam merchants go mainly for obvious names, and if you think up something less obvious and be careful who you give it to then you ill get less spam.
I agree with johndrew that ISP's could quite easily do a lot more to prevent spam. After all and email with thousands of similar addresses and titled something like "V1/\gra" is hardly likely to be legitimate.

  Chas49 15:43 19 May 2008

Thanks for the link - I'm about to install the program on the computer used by him.

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