confused2 11:15 24 Apr 2008

I'm running Windows Vista Home and MS Office 2003 and have also installed Spamfighter but am still getting unwanted unsasked for mail regarding my needs in the love department. How does one stop this rubbish? As an Silver surfer, happily married and fully funtional in all ways I do not need this. Is there no offical way to put these out of business?
Your comments, advice would be appreciated.

  cocteau48 11:30 24 Apr 2008

As I understand it nothing will stop spam (other than a change of email address). Using a program like Spamfighter/Mailwasher etc. will allow you to intercept it and delete it without opening it and even with some programs to automatically trash it ... but that can be dangerous to allow your spam filter 100% free reign to decide what is/isn't trash.

  Belatucadrus 11:32 24 Apr 2008

The short answer is you don't, you're already doing the right thing by using a filter like spamfighter. Unfortunately if it gets really bad the only real answer is to change your e-mail address, trying to pick an unusual alpha-numeric address that is less likely to be tried by random spam engines. But the more you use the address to access forums, contact friends or shop, the better the chance it'll be picked up at some point.
I suspect the only real answer to the spamming fraternity involves a tactical nuclear device, but it's a bit illegal and I don't have one handy anyway.

  colinb1604 18:24 25 Apr 2008

I am in the process of changing my e-mail address as I am being plagued in the same way, 50 a day and no way to stop them once your address has been circulated. I think my problems started when I went for 'free footie' I am now using 1 e-mail address for 'personal' use with friends etc and another to use with externals such as flights holidays etc

  p;3 18:58 25 Apr 2008

spam e mails are unfortunatley a fact of computering life; how one deals with them is all important

using mailwasher allows YOU decide what is and what is NOT spam ; do NOT bounce any spam mails; do NOT download them then click on the 'please unsubscribe me from your mailing list' ; this will only encourage a bucket load more for you

do NOT be tempted to ever reply to one either

just check 'em with mailwasher and tick the delete and blacklist boxes in mailwasher ...then click 'process mail'..and they are gone......

  Woolwell 19:08 25 Apr 2008

Only 50 a day! You should be so lucky.

  john bunyan 19:13 25 Apr 2008

p;3 I check, blacklist and delete mail on my ISP server. then, mostly, only genuine stuff comes to my e mail. I assume that the senders do not get a received tick. I am not sure how mailwasher is better than this - is it?

  tullie 19:42 25 Apr 2008

Makes you wonder why some pepole get masses of spam,and others very little?No easy answer i suppose.

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