Yorkie 1 11:00 06 Aug 2004

Help!!! They are driving me crazy with the spam. I am getting upwards od 600 a day and it is getting worse. I run a website and it would seem that most of it is aimed at me through that, but its nothing to get 50 of the same e-mails from supposedly different addresses and sent to different names all with the same suffix, i.e. my e-mail address. I don't want Viagra, mortgages, loans, fake diplomas or any of the other rubbish. I use IE and have the filters on with perhaps half of the rubbish going straight into the deleted items folder, but occasionaly a valid e-mail slips through and I need to look through them.
Any ideas out there, I know what a bright lot you are, you have helped out before. Thanks.

  terryr48 11:04 06 Aug 2004

Try using mailwasherPro you can download a 30 day trial from

  Yorkie 1 11:52 06 Aug 2004

Hi terryr48 thanks for trying. I downloaded mailwasher but found it difficult to set up. I tried but got an error message. so need either detailed instructions or something simpler. To tell the truth I had no idea where to find half the information they were looking for.

  stalion 12:02 06 Aug 2004

this is a free version easy to use
click here

  end 12:25 06 Aug 2004

I am a "new-convert" to Mailwasher, at the encouragement and help of another forum member as I got fed up with the very small spam and rubbish i get my way "inviting me" to partake of stuff that I felt almost boardering on the obsene . I was very sceptical about beign able to set it up and use it, but with a little (???!!!)support and encouragement I "got there", adn now, if I am not quite sure about a message, I can "preview" it ..then chuck it if necessary.....i am sure if you want to try again you will get support from the forum to do it, and step-by-step instructions with where to find the information you need for each stage if that is what you need and would like to do and try.. ...........

  Belatucadrus 12:50 06 Aug 2004

Spam Killers :- Xterminator click here ,
G-lock Spam combat click here ,
Spambayes click here

Or a new e-mail program maybe Thunderbird click here

  Yorkie 1 10:59 21 Aug 2004

To terryr48, stallion, end, & Belatucadrus I would like to say a hearty thanks. It has been some time since I received your good advice, and I did have a few problems setting up "MAILWASHER" but those were problems with ISP configurations and with the help from the makers, "Firetrust", we got it sorted. I have now given it a trial and am extremely pleased with it, so to all who gave good advice, THANK YOU>

  end 11:58 21 Aug 2004

itsa good, i"nit::))

nice when a plan comes together .....NOW you can chuck the spam ....some of the stuff is ...welll..unrepeatable on here...

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