Spacehyper spam

  GGL 23:51 10 Apr 2008

Hi all,

Can anyone help me get rid of these w*****s, I got 19 spams withe everything for sex to uncollected checkes being pushed.

Thanks for any help.

  Gandalph 00:55 11 Apr 2008

Just ignore, but they wont go away I'm afraid. Just delete them, whatever you do don't reply to any of them as they will know that their spam has hit a legit e-mail address and you will end up getting more.

  GGL 08:40 11 Apr 2008

Hi Gandalph,

Not quite what I hoped for, I take it I'm not the only poor sod bombarded by these people. I happily donate a kidney...well the wifes anyway to find a cure!

  audeal 11:13 11 Apr 2008

Try the FREE version of Mail Washer. click here

  GGL 11:50 11 Apr 2008

Hi audeal,
Thanks for the tip, I clicked on the link but the only Free version was for servers, is that the one you mean or did I miss something.

  Belatucadrus 15:59 11 Apr 2008

click here Xterminator
click here Spamhilator
click here K9

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