Space missing on my External HDD

  Si_L 18:54 14 Apr 2009

I bought a 500GB external HDD, and it is only showing 465GB. Wheres the last 35GB?! All it had on it was a single text file.

  hastelloy 19:07 14 Apr 2009

Manufacturers count 1GB = 1000 MB whereas windows sees 1 GB as 1.024 MB etc so divide 500 by 1.024 3 times and you get 465.

  Si_L 22:38 14 Apr 2009

1GB = 1024MB

Manufacturers know this so why not get it correct. I feel robbed out of 35GB!

  DieSse 23:00 14 Apr 2009

It's because 1000 = 1k in the real world - whereas in computers 1k is often used to represent 1024.

Divide 500GB bytes by 1.024 three times and you get 465GB

Just to show you drive really has 500,000,000,000 bytes, right click on it, and look in properties, and you'll find the capacity shown in both ways.

The manufacturers are correct - the rest of the computer industry only partially correct.

And incidentally, when we talk in computers about communications speeds - ther 1k really does equal 1000 - so it's not universal even in computers to use the 1024 figure.

  Si_L 23:10 14 Apr 2009

Am I missing something really obvious here? Why divide it three times?

Sorry if thats a ridiculously profoundly stupid thing to ask, but its late at night and I bashed my head on a goalpost earlier.

  Si_L 23:11 14 Apr 2009

Anyway, what I meant to add is that the manufacturers know that Windows read it as 1024, so they should compensate the "lost" space.

  hastelloy 07:14 15 Apr 2009

1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB, 1 KB = 1024 B

  DieSse 22:19 15 Apr 2009

"so they should compensate the "lost" space."

Perhaps they are doing - perhaps they only charge you for "465GB"?

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