Space being filled up on my C: drive for no reason

  Wulfrune 13:01 02 Mar 2003

I'm running XP pro (legal) and have an 80gb hard disk divided up into a C: 20gb. a D: 20gb and a E: 40gb. I run windows and other programs from the C:... the trouble is that the space on my C: is almost now full up but I've counted the total ammount of program space used and its used up on 7 or so gb.
I run Norton AV pro, Hard and software firewall and a dedicated anti trojan setup. I also use Kazaa lite. If you can help, and please bear in mind that the reason that I'm here asking for help is that I just don't understand and it's not because I'm a mal educated moron.

If you can help I would be very grateful..
Many thanks


  vinnyT 13:53 02 Mar 2003

Have you emptied your internet cache files, history and your temp files lately? These can take up a lot of space.

I know you have anti virus, anti trojan and firewall setup, have these been kept up to date? I ask because there have been a few viruses doing the rounds lately (P2P networks in particular) which can disable all the above utilities. Go to Nortons site and do an online check, if nothing else, this would rule out a virus attack.

  Wulfrune 14:12 02 Mar 2003

Cleared the cache only yesterday. I also keep my AV software upto date, saying that though I did notice yesterday that for an unknown period of time certain icons were missing off my task bar and that when I DID start norton AV some of the features like auto protect had been disabled.
So I rebooted and made sure that my av was upto date, then did an AV scan (nothing) and did an anti Trojan scan (also nothing) and checked my firewall logs and there appears to have been no intrusion. I will however take your advice about online scanning and see where that takes me. I thank you for your help Vinny but I'm still open to any and all suggestions if it'll help.
Once again thanks for such a prompt reply. :)

  BlueMeanie 14:36 02 Mar 2003

Look for C:\Temp and C:\windows\Temp and then Edit, Select All, and delete all files.

Also when CD Copying see if KEEP a copy on the Hard Disk Option is selected.

I've had problems with CD Copying failing / crashing and the Image file have remained on the Hard Drive. My image files are in a folder called CD-Temp. These images can take up mega space.

  Belatucadrus 15:02 02 Mar 2003

click here for sequoiaview, it gives a neat graphic representation as to what is taking up your drivespace. Very handy in cases like this.

  Lozzy 15:15 02 Mar 2003

This is purely a suggestion, to assist, try carrying out the following:

1. Go into All Prog>>Accessories>>system tools>>System Restore

2. Create a new restore Point when completed

3. Repeat number one but this time in System tools click on Disk Clean Up then click on the tab More Options the the third button "Headed" System restore click the button Clean Up. This will clear all the previous system restore points except the last one which you have just created.

If you have had your system for a while and never cleaned out this when you do this it can retrieve over 1gig in free disk space.

Also in disk clean up make sure all boxes are ticked.

Another suggestion is this, you have a large HDD and I would recommend that the C drive should only have windows on it and your programs should be on the D drive with your files and downloads etc be on your E drive. This does two main things it keeps windows working at its optimum speed and not getting clogged up and should windows get a problem on the C drive you will not loose any data..

  ribo 15:34 02 Mar 2003

I have just done what Lozzy suggested re clean out the system restore. and I went from 9.49GB to 5.48GB. I have never done this before. Thanks Lozzy. Ribo

  Wulfrune 15:50 02 Mar 2003

Well you sure give a man a lot to think about :)
I stopped using this service a while back because some of the people that were on here were patronizing to say the least, but you lot have really been helpful....You all have my gratitude.....Still interested in any other comments as well though. Once again thanks to all who replied :)

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