Space bar problem

  rawprawn 07:59 21 May 2008

Sony Vaio Laptop, I am having problems with my space bar. Unless I hit it in the centre it doesn't make a space between words. At either end their is no response, unless I hit it fairly hard.
Any simple fixes?

  xania 08:37 21 May 2008

Almost certainly hardware. How old is the laptop - in warranty?

  rawprawn 09:38 21 May 2008

Just over 1 year, but a 2 year John Lewis warranty.
The trouble is that I bought it while visiting my daughter in Cheshire, and I live in Yorkshire. Also I doubt they would repair it while I wait, and then I would be bunkered. Does it sound expensive?

  ventanas 09:43 21 May 2008

Hi Dennis, I put a new keyboard in my Dell laptop last year, it was very easy. Remove a couple of screws, lift out the top, exchange keyboards and screw back together.

Are there any manuals available for your laptop that show how to do it?

  ventanas 09:44 21 May 2008

click here
Service manuals for Vaio laptops. I don't know which one you have.

  rawprawn 09:45 21 May 2008

Hi John, sounds easy"But" I will look at the cost of a new keyboard.
I'm just off to the dentist, back in an hour.

  crosstrainer 09:53 21 May 2008

Lappy's are tricky to mend. Sounds like the membrane under the keyboard has become dirty or partialy stuck. If you can get a warranty repair I would do so...They are no fun to dismantle :)

You bought a laptop from John Lewis? Didn't know they sold them! Mind you, we don't have one in Cardiff (which does not upset me at all :))

  rawprawn 11:32 21 May 2008

Thanks for that, OK I will struggle on until my next visit to Cheshire.I don't think I want to attempt to take it apart,I'm OK with desktops but I will draw the line at my laptop.
John Lewis have a very good selection of computers at their store in Cheadle Hume including Apple Macs.
Problem is every time we go there it costs money, my wife thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread!

  rawprawn 11:46 21 May 2008

OK I have just spoken to John Lewis and there is no trouble as far as the guarantee, but they will send it to Sony and it will take 3 weeks to 1 month to repair. EEEK, what will I do for a month without a computer.

  Graham. 11:47 21 May 2008

They will send it away to be repaired, probably from any branch.

  crosstrainer 12:04 21 May 2008

Sony's customer service turnaround on repairs is legendary (The worst) Shame you live so far away, or I could lend you a PC! Perhaps borrow a spare from a friend? Else, if really desperate, you could consider hiring:

click here

Don't know much about them, but it could be an option if you are stuck.

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