Space bar balways bdoes B - bany btips, bplease?

  KatyN 16:34 13 Aug 2005

Bought a new HP laptop v cheap from DABS after three months this is how it types:

The quick bbrown bfox bjumped bover bthe blazy bdog

Is there anything I can do, apart from getting HP to mend/replace?

  AndySD 16:41 13 Aug 2005

Check if there is anything between thr space bar and the "b" button. Also try typing it with only two fingers....does it still happen?

  johnnyrocker 16:47 13 Aug 2005

sounds like a sticky b key?


  KatyN 17:11 13 Aug 2005

Thanks for your replies - there's nothing stuck that I can detect and I have looked after it quite well, so I don't think there is any congealed food substance or other items nesting in there. (I am using my old laptop to type this or you would be seeing lots of bs)

Two fingers doesn't help - but thanks for the suggestion

  Dan the Doctus 17:24 13 Aug 2005

From what you've typed, I assume pressing the space bar intermittently puts a 'b' after the space. Is this correct?

Also, the expression is 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.' - note the 's'.

My advice would be to get in touch with HP.

  DieSse 17:27 13 Aug 2005

Try this - turn it onto it's side (open, so that it's stable).

Hit the side edge of the case with the flat of your hand by the keyboard to try and dislodge anything stuck inside the keyboard.

Also whilst in the same position use the flat of your hand to "bat" several keys at once around the b key - includng the space bar. Not too powerfully!

Hold the system upside down, open, and do the "batting" again.

All the above are designed just to dislodge any "foreign particles" that may be causing the problem. I've seen all sorts fall out of an upside down keyboard - including at least half a dozen dress makers pins on one system!!

  Diemmess 17:36 13 Aug 2005

Seems like a return to HP's official service agents is necessary.

If accidental moisture is ruled out,it has to be a mechanical fault in the rubber bits between the keys and basic circuit board. Could be a tiny scrap of something has found its way that far down, but home attempts to find it will almost certainly make matters worse and it IS within the warranty?

  Diemmess 17:40 13 Aug 2005

Now there is a sensible suggestion from DieSse.

Try what he says.

  woodchip 17:40 13 Aug 2005

The B key is going down when you press space bar it's just above it, can you see space between the key and space bare

  KatyN 00:06 14 Aug 2005

Thank you all for your response - I had to go to work at 18.00 and have just got back - will try the options suggested on Sunday.

I really appreciate all the input

  KatyN 09:33 14 Aug 2005

Thank you all for the response. I have now tried all the options, including a really scary instruction from the HP email support about resiting the keyboard. Absolutely no joy. Will go through the warranty process and I hope I won't have to be posting horror stories on ConsumerWatch!

Thank you again - PCAdvisor Helproom Rocks!

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