SP3 on a fresh XP install

  dth 11:57 14 May 2008

I am due to wipe and reinstall XP on a friends p/c at the weekend. I have SP3 on a disc but do I need to install SP2 first?

Also is IE7 included in SP3? If not should I install IE7 before or after SP3.

Many thanks

  cocteau48 12:10 14 May 2008

Install SP3 before IE7 or will not be able to return to IE6 if you wished to.

  ambra4 12:18 14 May 2008

No you do have to install SP2, SP1 must be installed before you can install SP3

Defrag and clean registry after SP3 is installed

IE7 is not included on SP3

  dth 13:01 14 May 2008

thanks very much

  griffon56 15:48 14 May 2008

Are you absolutely sure ambra4? I've seen it in PC Advisor issue 156 p 25, that SP2 is not a prerequisite for SP3.

However, the paragraph is very definite at first, "Do I need to install SP2 first? No.", and less definite later, "SP3 is cumulative, so users can install SP3 on top of Windows SP1 or SP2."

I must say reading these two statements again, they seem to conflict, either you don't need SP1&2 or you can install on top of them, not quite the same things.

Can we have a definite ruling?

  compumac 16:06 14 May 2008

Where did you get the SP3 disc from? I phoned Microsoft and they were not informative on this but said to download the update as normal and then phone their technical department if you run into trouble. I would prefer to have SP3 on a CD myself.

  keef66 16:12 14 May 2008

I would have assumed SP3 includes SP1 and SP2??

Presumably you can download the whole thing (save rather than install it)and burn it to a CD?

  Bapou 17:02 14 May 2008

You can, click here

I used it on two machines. Before install disconnect from the internet, defrag , shutdown firewall and antivirus.

That's all I did and SP3 installed without any problem. I did find a defrag was necessary again afterwards, analyzing showed some surprising fragmentation had taken place.

  dth 22:00 14 May 2008

I am a bit confused here. On a clean install is it necessary to install sp1 and/or sp2 before sp3!

On the download I just used the windows update site for network admins which allows you to download the exe. I always like a proper copy just in case you need to use again.

  Bapou 22:24 14 May 2008

My reading of it is you must have at least SP1 on board. On mine, SP2 was overwritten.

click here for details

  ambra4 22:34 14 May 2008


It should read "You Do Not Have To Install SP2"

But SP1 must be installed before you can install SP3

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