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SP3 do i need it?

  tony-guitar 00:08 28 Mar 2009

My Mesh PC (XP) dates from 2002, but most hardware has been replaced due to failures. However, it does have SP2, Office 2000 and IE6. Looking through past forums it seems not a good idea to download SP3 (esp with Office 2000). I remember it being problematic in earlier times. I currently have no problems at all except the persistent reminder balloon that i have 'updates waiting to install'(SP3). And what about going straight to IE8 ? Thanks for any help - Tony

  Stuartli 00:23 28 Mar 2009


As for IE8.....:-((

At least in my case. Slow, doesn't always fire up first time and, security wise, is a pest....:-((

  manrow 07:30 28 Mar 2009

I can only speak as I find!

SP3 was no problem for me despite also having Office 2000!!

Years ago my tech. adviser suggesting using Mozilla Firefox instead of IE., and I do so unless IE is essential which seems to be the case when manually looking to update Windows.

I still love XP and don't yet know what I will shortly do when it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 28 Mar 2009


It contains essential security updates

Download - disconnect from net
switch off firewall and Antivirus / antispyware before installing.
when install switch Firwall Antivirus and Antispyware back on reconnect to web.

  Batch 13:28 28 Mar 2009

I've just consulted my notes from installing SP3 - no problems at all (incl. with Office 2K).

I have 2 PCs and installed it on both. One was an update to an pre-existing install (incl. with Office 2K already installed). The other was on a brand new PC on which I had just installed XP SP2 from scratch and then updated with SP3 at the earliest opportunity (and subsequently loaded Office 2K). Both went completey smoothly.

  Stuartli 13:28 28 Mar 2009

I also have Office 2000, but I don't have any problems updating Windows manually if necessary via Firefox. See:

click here

You can, of course, use IEView with Firefox and switch to IE if required:

click here

  TonyV 15:59 28 Mar 2009

All I would say is that when you try Help in Office 2000, after installing SP3, make sure it functions correctly on all aspects. The pop up (Show Me) bits don't usually work after SP3 has been installed because MS included a suspect update as part of its total SP3 package and therefore it, the suspect update, cannot now be removed to allow the Help system to function correctly. 3 steps forward and 4 back!!


  tony-guitar 15:15 29 Mar 2009

Thanks for all your comments, mostly positive, some messing around (disconnect from web/turn off security etc)to do, but after big past problems - 2 main boards,hard drive, power supply etc, as things are currently ok i'll probably leave things be for the moment.

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