SP2 for XP Pro , PCA Disc and download size

  Nessie 22:19 25 Aug 2004

I have just had a look on windows update for my xp pro and SP2 is listed. It is only 75 MB and i thought it was about 250MB. Also I know that the Service Pack will be on the PCA disk this month but will it have pro on it or just Home. Thanks Nessie

  johnnyrocker 00:30 26 Aug 2004

pro will bea tailored one and before you do anything i suggest
click here
and have a read.


  CurlyWhirly 06:42 26 Aug 2004

Before I installed SP2 I had ALL Microsoft security patches and the download size for me was also 75 mb which only took just over 45 minutes on my 512 kbps broadband connection!
I have installed it and despite what people have said in general I have so far found NO problems whatsoever.

The curious thing is that on loading up I no longer see Windows XP Professional just Windows XP!
This is strange as perhaps Microsoft are 'merging' them into one operating system?

  CurlyWhirly 06:44 26 Aug 2004

p.s. By 'merging' I mean no longer distinguishing between XP Home and XP Professional.

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