SP2 for XP

  redone 16:21 13 Sep 2004

I got the SP2 CD from Microsoft last Fri. installed it on Sat. everything is fine...
but what they don't tell you is that you have to re-activate windows! So today dedcided to activate windows, but was told by MS that I had exceeded my activation codes, so I rang the MS freephone number but could not get through!
So have now taken out SP2, and anyway I have a backup of XP just in case anything like this happens! Has anyone else had this problem?
Also does anyone know how many activation codes we are allowed? I've had XP for 2 years, and had activated windows a couple of times after re-installing, so I got a DVD writer to backup my istallation, and have not activated windows for over 12 months.
Anyway the conclusion is....don't install SP2!!!

  User-312386 16:28 13 Sep 2004

you can activate as many times as you like

You have 30 days to do so

I would have left XPSP2 on and tried in a couple of days

  ventanas 16:45 13 Sep 2004

There is no requirement to reactivate Windows after installing SP2. I have installed it to 37 machines without this happening. Also as madboy33©® says, there is no restriction on the number of times you can reactivate after reinstalls etc. It sounds to me like a problem with your product key. This will be checked as valid by the SP2 installation process. Can you remember where you bought your XP disc from? Did it come with your computer, or was it purchased separately?

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