SP2 (temporary??) files taking too much space

  stlucia 20:21 25 Apr 2005

I've just installed Win XP SP2, and everything seems to be running okay, but my 4Gb disk now has only 198Mb space left.

I see there's a folder E:\Windows\ServicePackFiles with sub-folders \i386\lang taking 410Mb. Is it safe to delete this now that SP2 is running okay?

  VoG II 20:25 25 Apr 2005

I would take care. Use Disk Cleanup (Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup) to delete unnecessary files.

  stlucia 20:38 25 Apr 2005

Thanks, VoG. I've tried Disk Cleaner (and CCleaner), and they don't remove those files.

  bertiecharlie 20:44 25 Apr 2005

There is some information one third down this page click here

  DieSse 22:39 25 Apr 2005

A 4Gb disk is really very small to be using with WinXP. It's really time you thought about a larger one.

  stalion 22:47 25 Apr 2005
  Pooke100 23:06 25 Apr 2005

Hard drives are so cheap now, about forty quid will buy you one TEN times bigger than your current one.

  stlucia 07:10 26 Apr 2005

Thanks bertiecharlie and stalion for those links. They both advise against removing the \ServicePackFiles folder.

As for HDD size, I've got 13+60+60+80Gb but the small one is partitioned so that Windows is on a 4Gb "drive" -- which used to be plenty. Seems like some housekeeping is needed. There's a few other small applications on the drive, which I can move elsewhere.

  DieSse 10:59 26 Apr 2005

" As for HDD size, I've got 13+60+60+80Gb...."

Ah, I did wonder after I'd posted!

  DieSse 11:00 26 Apr 2005

" As for HDD size, I've got 13+60+60+80Gb...."

Ah, I did wonder after I'd posted!

  Pooke100 12:25 26 Apr 2005

Indeed, you've actually got more HDD space than I have. Maybe I should buy some more.

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