SP2 security problem - and a fix

  Jeffers22 23:59 22 Sep 2004

I picked this up from another forum. PC Weldt (Germany) had discovered security flaws in SP2. The article (in English - scroll down the page a bit) also offers a means of plugging them. click here

I've also posted in the SP2 forum, but I thought it should be here too. Forgive me the double post in this instance please.

  stalion 00:02 23 Sep 2004

if it is all true then sp2 is an absolute joke

  Jeffers22 00:06 23 Sep 2004

What do you expect? Microsoft are not renowned for "finishing". Don't get me wrong, I think XP is great, and I'm not of the "I hate Microsoft" school. I just wish they could get it properly right for once and forget the hype - just deliver!

  stalion 00:33 23 Sep 2004

I expect everyone else who has installed xp2 and it must be millions by now will wish they had got it right especially if they end up with problems.I hope this site you have posted has informed microsoft of their findings.Regards

  johnnyrocker 00:38 23 Sep 2004

well folks what puzzles me is that microsoft issued a d/load where one could by using this prevent auto update installing it til one is ready and quite frankly if microsoft issue that facility what price SP2?


  Stuartli 09:38 23 Sep 2004

I think what you are referring to was the means to defer the download and subsequent installation of SP2 in a size relevant to your system's requirements and therefore a more manageable download file.

The original "cover all flavours" SP2 launch was 276MB - work that out if you are on dialup...:-)

  leo49 10:00 23 Sep 2004

johnnyrocker is quite correct - Microsoft made the d/load of the fix/blocker specifically for business users so that they could postpone for a couple of months the auto download of SP2 so as to allow more time for systems administrators to check for possible software incompatibilities.

This is a completely separate issue to XP2 downloading in dribs and drabs to domestic users machines.

  leo49 10:05 23 Sep 2004

click here

See 2nd item relevant to the above

  Stuartli 14:29 25 Sep 2004

But SP2 has been out in beta form for many, many months; the Forum Moderator informed us he has been using RC2 since last December.

Plenty of time for incompatabilities to show up and, in fact, quite a number have as Microsoft's website both indicates and lists those already known.

  It's Me 15:44 25 Sep 2004

Wonderfull. Just wonderfull.It takes a lot of training and expertise to do this!

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