SP2 Released from Microsoft?

  Djohn 21:12 13 Jul 2004

Just logged on to do the security updates and was directed to a new site, which I agreed to. Microsoft downloaded, installed "Intelligent update" to my PC and rebooted it.

I then went back to the site to check for updates and it tells me that SP2 is now ready for me to down load and install! 100 Mb

I don't mind the download as I'm on Broadband but I'm surprised it's released so soon. Anyone offer any advice please.

  stalion 21:16 13 Jul 2004

I think we need F.E.to confirm as he has been linked with it's developement for some time.But it does seem likely that this is the final version as it is 100mb

  Djohn 21:19 13 Jul 2004

Yep! I've mailed FE in his thread regarding this. I'm waiting for advice before going any further. j.

  Smegs 21:21 13 Jul 2004

Djohn, I've just gone in to have a look for the updates and I didn't get anything.

  Djohn 21:30 13 Jul 2004

I've rcovered from the shock of seeing the message on screen now and read again. I've done a copy/paste of the message. I now see it says RC2 but why is it recomending me to download and install?


Microsoft strongly recommends you install:
Windows XP Service Pack 2, (Release Candidate 2)

Why am I being offered an update that I have previously hidden?

Windows XP Service Pack 2, (Release Candidate 2) is an important update to help ensure customers stay secure and up-to-date. Microsoft highly recommends installing this update.

The features in this service pack are designed to help defend against viruses, worms, and other security threats. What's new in SP2?

  rickimalone 21:32 13 Jul 2004

Yes just got it too here it goes wish me well as I wish you all well!!!!!!!!

I have waited so long, its here:)

  €dstowe 21:33 13 Jul 2004

? I've just done the updates as detailed in another thread and didn't get the thing you're getting, Djohn, and others don't appear to be getting it either. I checked agin and still don't.

I would be suspicious if I were you.


  €dstowe 21:36 13 Jul 2004

Still don't get it.

Are we looking in the same place? Help and support, Windows Update?

  Smegs 21:37 13 Jul 2004

Djohn, just been in to have a look at my install history, can't find any reference to this anywhere. You are special. ;-))))

  Smegs 21:38 13 Jul 2004

€dstowe, I think thats right. Thats where I'm looking.

  rickimalone 21:39 13 Jul 2004

No, i've just updated the 5 new and no mention of SP2??? Whats going on??

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