SP2 and other Service Packs

  AngeTheHippy 09:38 10 Apr 2011

Morning Chaps, this is a question that's been with me since the windows 98 days! We download windows updates, lots of 'em, then a Service Pack arrives saying that 'all previous updates are contained in this service pack'. What I'd like to know is, are those previously d/loaded updates overwritten or are they then ALL on my HDD? Thing is, in time, there will be a large chunk of HDD that's just containing updates if not overwritten, surely?

AngeTheHippy x

  Taff™ 10:37 10 Apr 2011

I`m pretty sure that the Service Packs only add missing security updates. For example, I have applied Windows 7 SP1 to machines that are 12 months old and it takes far less time than a brand new computer which can take about 45 minutes to download and install the service pack.

[$NTUninstall Folders][1]

[1]: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-files/ntuninstall/d8dedd6e-3f71-4e32-920b-80811d4fb845 Folders are stored on your Hard Drive however and contain the information to uninstall these updates and can be removed but read the link first!

  AngeTheHippy 10:46 10 Apr 2011

Thanks Taff™, Mmm. Interesting that Taff™. Gotta say, I've installed SP2 on Vista this morning, and it took just a few minutes. Any more comments on this please?

Ange x

  WHTDSOB 11:46 10 Apr 2011


is right. Before downloading the SP it will scan for which updates you already have. Then only those you do not have will be added.

  Thalmus 12:52 10 Apr 2011

If disk space is an issue and SP2 is installed with no problems you can run the included clean up tool to remove old SP1 backup files. Copy and paste the link below for an explanation of its use


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