sp2 or norton internet security?

  tyto 20:19 21 Jan 2005

hi - i've been told that i dont need norton internet security if i'm using windows XP, because XP SP2 offers better anti virus / firewall protection. is this true? have checked nortons web page and they say NIS is still needed - but they would say that cos otherwise they'd loose millions in sales

  stalion 20:22 21 Jan 2005

you definately still need anti-virus protection as well as anti-spyware such as adaware,spywareblaster

  gudgulf 20:31 21 Jan 2005

Sp2's firewall is not as good as Norton's or free ones such as Zone Alarm.What's more XP SP2 does not have any antivirus component whatsoever so you do need one of those as well.I have Norton on my pc and it works well for me,but there are many alternatives that will do the job just as effectively such as AVG (free ).

  tyto 20:41 21 Jan 2005

thanks, appreciate the tips and advice. sounds like its worth installing, as i already have a copy. is it the best or just better marketed than the freeware out there?

  freaky 20:48 21 Jan 2005

Yes, SP2 will give you a firewall but NO antivirus protection.

If you have Norton Internet Security already, then I would stick with that and disable SP2 firewall.
If you have both firewalls enabled, then you could have problems.

As regards AVG antivirus, if it's any good then why is it free!!!! Nothing comes free in this world apart from the help on here.

Also, if you notice there are a lot of threads on this forum regarding problems with AVG, but none about Norton antivirus. I would think that proves my point.

p.s I don't work for Symantec!

  GaT7 20:50 21 Jan 2005

NIS can be a nightmare if you're unlucky. Just do a search for Norton in the Search facility at this Forum. I've also had my share of NIS problems & NAV (especially) slows your PC down. Like gudgulf, I would also recommend the free AVG click here. See what some folks here think of AVG click here (VoG's thread). G

  GaT7 20:53 21 Jan 2005

Put Norton in the search box & see what comes up. G

  GaT7 20:56 21 Jan 2005

OK, there are AVG problems too! But many of the posts are for 'AVG updates'. G

  Aristocatman 20:58 21 Jan 2005

I've just set up IPCop on an old Athlon K6 & it's working a treat. It's a physical firewall & free but you do need an old PC & network cards. Zone Alarm on my 2 PC's has stopped racking up it's intrusion count since IPCop installed.
I use AVG Free antivirus, Pest Patrol, Spybot search & Destroy & Ad Aware. All seem to live together happily.

  tyto 21:07 21 Jan 2005

right that will keep me busy tommorrow downloading all that lot - well actually only AVG and ZA as i've got the rest. good night

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