sp2 and ntbackup

  patso 13:13 17 Sep 2004

i have sp2 disc from the mag,but when i tried nt backup to backup mymhard drive it could only find the floppy drive and c drive to back up on.when i tried the c drive my space was being eaten up with the new backup files.i have 40 gig with 13gig used but it was heading for 20 gig when i stopped the backup utility.how can i backup to cd drive as i presume i would need about 10 floppys.im using xp home.ps how much room should system restore take up.any help please thanks

  jhm 13:39 17 Sep 2004

If I understand correctly you want to backup your C drive which has 13GB used. If you do not have any other large volume backup device attached you can only backup to C, A. To backup your curent C to floppies would take 8667 discs (they only hold 1.44MB)
I guess the only way would be to create a folder on C called Backup and allow the utility to store the backup there and then burn that Backup folder to CD's, but even this would take 20 CDs or 4DVDs.
Another possibilty is to use NT Backup to save your Documents and Settings only, although you will have to reinstall your OS and other programs at least all your personal stuff is saved.

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