sp2 is it casing this??

  NIGEY 19:15 26 Aug 2004

i know its easy to blame sp2 but ever since i installed it ive no pictures in any of my emails only those little red crosses where the pics should be ...any you guys got any ideas of how to fix this ,like i say only happened since the sp2 install so chances are its gotta have something to do with it???? runnin xp home by the way....
thanx in advance all

  pmjd 19:19 26 Aug 2004

I guess your using outlook express? If so I think one of the new security features is not to load links or files in emails by default, just in case they are something nasty. Have a look in the settings and you should find something there to unblock this.

Sorry can't be more specific as I don't use Outlook Express


  Djohn 19:22 26 Aug 2004

Tools/internet options/security tab and remove ticks from two boxes.

Do not allow attachments to be opened....

Block images and other external content.....

  VoG II 19:22 26 Aug 2004

Yep, Tools/Options, Security tab, untick "Block images ...."

  Djohn 19:24 26 Aug 2004

This time! I must be geting faster! ;o)

  VoG II 19:26 26 Aug 2004

I was multi-tasking! ;o)

  Djohn 19:29 26 Aug 2004

Multi-tasking...Keyboard in one hand, G&T in the other? ;o)

  CurlyWhirly 19:39 26 Aug 2004

That's what I like to see in the forums - humour!
Nothing like a good chuckle now and then! lol

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