SP2 to install or not

  Taw® 20:02 10 Jul 2004

Having watched all the remarks on SP2 I was wondering when it is fully released will I need to install it. I have an older PC that I upgraded to XP pro from 2000 for the first 8-12 months I had lots of compatibilty problems. Eventually after a new graphics card and a flash of the BIOS it now has been working error free (well relatively)so shouild I be happy with my lot or should I install SP2? My system is XP pro nvidia 64mb graphics AMD 1.4 with 512 RAM BB kids do a lot of surfin through mine on there own comps. I generally do this site and a few other boring sites.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:11 10 Jul 2004

How dare you call this a boring site and expect to get help....TT

  powerless 20:13 10 Jul 2004

The only way to know if SP2 is for your computer is to install it.

Then you will know for sure.

You don't have to install it of course but there is only one way to find out.

  TommyRed 21:15 10 Jul 2004

Once it's installed can it be uninstalled if it causes problems on your system? TR

  matt1234 21:35 10 Jul 2004

remember if it doesnt work restore it back

  Old Shep 21:51 10 Jul 2004

There is a poll to the top right about installing sp2 click on it and see if users are happy to install it.

  spuds 22:38 10 Jul 2004

If you are happy with your present system, then leave SP2 out, until others have given a better feedback in a couple of months or so.

If you intend to install now, then it will be a 270mb beta download [11/12 hours on 56k]. If you wait a couple of months, then a fully operational cd should be available as a possible freebie!.

  SimonC 23:02 10 Jul 2004

I can only speak from my experience, but I had been running various betas and RC1 totally flawless since last year and it felt generally fantastic until RC2 when 4 me at least the wheels really fell off. Among the many problems I experienced, the most disheartening ones were the first three blue screens I had suffered since first installing XP back in 2001, gutted?, I should say so!. Along with various issues with games, the Windows firewall and overall system speed I have just formatted and gone back 2 SP1. The RTM is gonna have 2 be exceptional 2 move me from the exceptional stability I am once again enjoying now. I think the bottom line is that SP2 is aimed at system security for the novice but if u r security aware\concious then u would be hard pressed 2 find a reason 2 risk everything on the radical system upgrade rhat SP2 is!.


  broggs 00:32 11 Jul 2004

since intalling sp2 when loading click here on opera itcrashes and closes opera.no other website does this.
Also have trouble installing software for canoni865 on this partition as plug and play has a problem installing this printer and gives you the only option to press the finish button.

the same screen comes back up after 10 secs inviting you to press the finish button...forever.

That is until you switch off the printer.(which inprinters in control panel is istalled correctly).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:40 11 Jul 2004

I've put XP2 onto 10 computers so far, with no problems...however if you have a firewall and AV protection I feel the home user will notice little or no obvious or graphical difference.


  powerless 00:53 11 Jul 2004

Apart from a blue boot scroller on the boot screen.

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