SP2. How do I remove the $NtServicePackUninstall$

  User-72922B69-EFFC-4471-BB20CDCBE4CB45EB 13:35 08 Feb 2005

I'm happy with SP2, but tight for space on my C:drive. It looks like SP2 stored lots of files for use in uninstalling. Can I simply delete them, or do I need to use disk cleanup, or even a special windows SP2 cleanup?

  €dstowe 13:38 08 Feb 2005

It could be dangerous, even disastrous to remove Windows files such as these without knowing exactly what you are doing.

If you are short of drive space you would be much safer cleaning obviously redundant files from your machine or, better, getting another, bigger hard drive as a replacement or in addition to the one you have already.

  Sethhaniel 13:39 08 Feb 2005

just delete the $NtServicePackUninstall$ folders
may have to have system folders 'unhidden' to get at them ;)

  ACOLYTE 13:41 08 Feb 2005

I agree with €dstowe if you dont know exactly what files are what removing them may be a tad risky and the outcome unknown,there may be more
$NtServicePackUninstall$ in there than the sp2 ones.

  Sethhaniel 15:00 08 Feb 2005

I got 2.2GB back when I got rid of mine - ;)

  Dennis1 15:02 08 Feb 2005

It should be quite safe to delete them they're only there in case of probs with the update, if there's no problems you don't need them, I wouldn't have thought you'd create a lot of space though?.

  bertiecharlie 15:16 08 Feb 2005

There is this old thread click here

  FelixTCat 15:18 08 Feb 2005

If you are worried about this, either back them up to a CD or DVD or rename the directory (put a "1" after the name) and run as normal for a few days. If all is well, delete the directory. Mine is long gone.

Once you have deleted it, if you want to remove the entry in Add/Remove Programs, click on the entry and it will sa something like "Cannot find the files - do you want to remove the entry". Click OK.

  Jackcoms 16:39 08 Feb 2005

"but tight for space on my C:drive"

If it's additional HDD space you're trying to create try click here

You can safely delete anything it finds.

  feb 16:54 08 Feb 2005

Hi falseteeth

This should help click here=

Much appreciate all your comments. This is my first try in a help forum. I'll use it again.

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