SP2 Hotfixes

  john-232317 21:33 18 Oct 2004

Why in my programs list have i got 25 XP hotfixes ( SP2 ) when i have not knowingly downloaded them and i bought the PC before SP2 came out ?

regards john

  easyrider 21:41 18 Oct 2004

These hot fixes are not actually SP2, you have probably got auto update enabled in which case it will automatically download critical updates. If you install SP2 these hot fixes will disappear. regards Bob

  john-232317 21:52 18 Oct 2004

Just checked auto update and its not on, can`t make out how they got there....as everything is fine i am a bit scary about putting SP2 on. ;-) A few people have lost their BB settings, and if you had Telefonicas BB in Spain you would understand, cos they are as helpful as a chocolate fireguard.


  easyrider 21:58 18 Oct 2004

I understand you being wary but I have installed SP2 on 3 computers on my network no problems.If you do encounter problems you can always remove SP2 through add/remove programs in control panel or do a system restore. As for the hot fixes may have been on the machine when you bought it. regards Bob

  easyrider 21:59 18 Oct 2004

I quite like chocolate fireguards very tasty.

  john-232317 22:13 18 Oct 2004

As the old Spanish goes maybei will try SP2 maƱana senor ;-O

SP2 came out 2 months after i got PC.

  temp003 04:17 19 Oct 2004

There's nothing wrong. When a Windows hotfix refers to an SP number, such as SP2, it means it's a pre-SP2 hotfix, which ought to be included in that service pack release.

  john-232317 10:14 19 Oct 2004

Cheers mate...

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