SP2 freezing start-up

  Paul-269846 05:46 05 Jan 2005

Since installing SP2 on my Evesham Athlon 64(running XP Home)I have had problems on start-up. When I turn on the system it just stops as soon as its detected the CD:RW and DVD:RW drives, it happens on 4 out of 5 start-ups. The only way to leave the frozen screen is to restart from mains switch.
Any help (as always) is gratefully received.


  Gongoozler 08:10 05 Jan 2005

Hi Lilbil. Have a look at the Event Viewer (Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer) and see if there are any errors in either Application or System that coincide with the problem startups. Post the results here.

  Michendi 09:28 05 Jan 2005

"Freeze on boot" is sometimes (often) caused by a corrupt file. When you next manage to get XP to startup normally, do the following: -

1. Remove any CD's or DVD's from the drives.

2. Disk Cleanup. (Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup) Clean up C: by deleting all Temp files and empty the Recycle Bin.

3. File Check. (Start > Run) Type in the following instruction in the Run box next to Open. chkdsk c:/r Click OK. You should then be prompted to Restart. When the PC restarts the Check Disk utility will run. Watch for any messages that may indicate a corrupt file. [NOTE : The /r parameter is necessary if you want the OS to fix problems. If you run chkdsk with no parameters or the /p parameter problems will be identified but not fixed].

4. When the Check Disk utility has finished restart the PC and see if the problem has been resolved.

  Paul-269846 20:03 05 Jan 2005

I'll have to post a response tomorrow, I'm away from my normal system for another day but thanks for initial responses


  Paul-269846 11:39 07 Jan 2005

GONGOOZLER,There are no specific messages related to the problem, only the usual ones from when it does actually start.

MICHENDI, the problem continues, I wondered if it would be of benefit to reload XP (as a restore).

Thanks both for your help.


  Gongoozler 13:53 07 Jan 2005

Hi Lilbil. The reason I asked about the Event Viewer messages is that I had a problem with freezing at start up, and it was due to a CD-RW drive being slightly slow at responding. This resulted in an ATAPI error in the Event Viewer.

  ACOLYTE 14:01 07 Jan 2005

If its freezing on detecting the cd/dvd drives that would be in the post screen of the bios? if this is the case i dont think its sp2 thats a fault it may be the bios,if its not this i cant see how you can tell when xp detects the drives as it would be loaded up already.

  Gongoozler 17:26 07 Jan 2005

Quite true ACOLYTE.

Lilbil, I think you need to enter BIOS setup. Just after you boot up your computer in the initial black and white screen you should get a message to "Press Delete to enter setup" or something similar. Enter the BIOS setup and the first submenu should show you what drives are recognised. See if all your drives are correctly identified.

Try unplugging the CD-RW IDE cable from the drive and see if that allows correct booting.

  Paul-269846 17:34 07 Jan 2005

Thanks, I'll try these suggestions

  Paul-269846 16:19 10 Jan 2005

I tried all of the suggestions plus I downloaded the latest motherboard chipset drivers. In this case the Via Hyperion 4 in 1 drivers. So far no problems with a couple of start-ups.

Thanks again for everyones advice.


  Paul-269846 11:33 13 Jan 2005

Dammit, the same old problem back again. The message I receive just prior to the screen freeze is,

"Ultra DMA Mode-5, S.M.A.R.T.Capable but Disabled

Sec Master: UYS1 SONY DVD RW DW-U18A
Sec Slave: QYS3 SONY CD-RW CRX230E"

Then it freezes

Once again, thanks for any help in advance


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