SP2 Firewall & Zone Alarm Question

  zemdarin 14:10 22 Jul 2004

At the moment I am running XP Home with Sp2 Beta version where the firewall is turned on by default, it is excellent with all the new features, but in this months PC advisor 110 page 20, It is quoting "we should still install a third Party bidirectional firewall such as the free download Sygate or Zone Alarm". Is it possible to have two firewalls working on the same computer? or should you switch one off?

  Taran 14:44 22 Jul 2004

not necessarily practical. Both firewalls will be listening for the same traffic on the same ports.

Some people experience software conflicts when trying to run two firewalls while others have no issues. Much depends on the underlying hardware of your system, its software setup and its connection to the web.

I'd stick with one or the other.

A bi-directional firewall is theoretically more effective since it tracks inbound and outbound traffic requests but some of the bi-directional firewalls are less effective than they could be which is where a product review can help to highlight a more effective product.

The short answer is yes you can. I see no real benefit though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:20 22 Jul 2004

All SP2 does is automatically switch on the XP firewall but not improve it.

XP firewall is better than nothing (just).

Download ZA and just run ZA on its own much better.


  zemdarin 18:47 22 Jul 2004

Thank you Taran and Fruit Bat. I have always had XP firewall without troubles,I tried Zone Alarm once and I was forever having warnings, so took it off. The new features in I/E with SP2 make Xp firewall Ok to run with it, so think I will stick with it.

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